La Riviera Casino : USA are Welcome


Do you know the casino La Riviera ?

I didn't know it. The casino I knew using the same software is GrandParker casino. But on GrandParker you can not use moneybookers to withdraw your money and I use it.

So I did a research to find a casino using the same software because I have good result with it but I wanted a casino which you can use moneybookers to withdraw your money and I found La Riviera Casino.

Players from USA and almost anywhere in the world care welcome.

They have multiplayers table and one table with a minimum bet of 0.25.

So I decided to download the software, make my first deposit and play on it. You can see it in the vide below. 

Website : La Riviera Casino
Software :  Real Time Gaming (RTG)
Bet : The minimum bet is 0.25
Days to get your money after a withdraw : 3-5 days
Free spin : No but you can bet on red and black in same time
Can play without animation : No 
USA players are allowed : Yes 
Canadian players are allowed : Yes

La Riviera Casino

I also made an another video playing my new roulette system on La Riviera Casino and you can watch me making 90 euros in less than 30 minutes here

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5 Responses to La Riviera Casino : USA are Welcome

  1. admin says:

    I got my money today, so it tooks 4 days. The good news is they didn't ask for my id. I don't like to give my ID to a company I don't know.

  2. John Roberson says:

    US Players are not allowed anymore on this casino unless you use the cloaking software and put a fictitious address in say, Canada. This is risky when it comes to the withdraw.

    • admin says:

      Many casino do not request your ID if you make your deposit with Moneybookers or Neteller, so it’s not risky. But you have to be sure that they won’t request your id. The best way is to make a little deposit and withdraw first then if everything is ok you can make a bigger deposit.

  3. Terrence Fox says:

    with all my gibberish earlier I forgot what I wanted to ask. you have probably already covered this topic in one of your lessons. Anyway, is a Live Dealer better than the rng or is the rng still running the so called Live Dealer. I have been playing a lot of red black and it seems to get stuck on one color or the other 4 black 1 red 4 black 1 red 3 black 1 red 5 black 2 red or I may see as many as 11 of one color. I believe the rng out thinks us like you alouded too. So does the Live Dealer actually spin the ball on the wheel? and the wheel then determines the out come or is it still a rng program biazed toward the casino as you mentioned.

    • admin says:

      The random is different with a software and a dealer. But if you take note of your stats in both way you will see a pattern, you will see a signal to play one system. But with the software sometime it cheat, but when it generous you can make more faster.

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